School of Library and Information Studies


Speaker's Corner "EPL in my own words: a new CEO's Perspective"

Pilar Martinez, Chief Executive Officer, Edmonton Public Library
February 15, 2017


Forum for Information Professionals (FIP) Conference

FIP is an annual one-day event of presentations and discussions on current topics facing librarianship. The event is hosted by the students of the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta and organized by the Forum for Information Professionals committee. FIP is an opportunity for librarians and information professionals from all parts of Alberta to exchange ideas with library students and academics. Speakers include professional librarians as well as current and past students.
February 3, 2017


Research Colloquium "Libraries and the State: A Discussion on Complicity and Dual Power."

Sam Popowich, Discovery Systems Librarian, University of Alberta
November 16, 2016


Research Colloquium Identifying Librarians: Exploring How Librarians Answer Who am I? And How Should I Act?"

Deborah Hicks, Lecturer, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia
October 19, 2016


Research Colloquium "Information Poverty and Resilience"

Dr. Angela Pollak, Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta
September 28, 2016


Speaker's Corner "Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews, OH MY!: Tips and Strategies for MLIS Students"

Louise Reimer, Director, Branch Services, Edmonton Public Library
March 30, 2016


Research Colloquium "Researching Collegial Governance in Canadian University Libraries"

Sean Luyk, Librarian, University of Alberta and Eva Revitt, Librarian, MacEwan University
March 30, 2016


Speaker's Corner "The School to Work Transition"

Alex Carruthers, Erik Christiansen, Lauren MacLean, Kyle Marshall, Lindsey Whitson
March 23, 2016

Five recent graduates of the MLIS program discussing their experiences in the job market, surprises, and detours as they transitioned from MLIS students to working professionals.

Research Colloquium "'They Would Not Slag You Off At All': Translation and Coherence of Information Values in Online Communities"

Dr. Adam Worrall, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta
March 16, 2016


Research Colloquium "Towards an Intercultural Information Ethics Curriculum"

Jared Bielby, Co-chair of the International Center for Information Ethics
March 2, 2016


Research Colloquium "Patience and Fortitude, Canadian Style: Lessons Learned from the Expert Panel on Libraries and Archives"

Dr. Patricia Demers, Distinguished University Professor, Department of English and Film Studies, University of Alberta
February 24, 2016


Research Colloquium "Giving Leadership Away"

Gerald Beasley, Vice-Provost and Chief Librarian, University of Alberta
February 3, 2016


Research Colloquium "Digital Self-Determination: Indigenous Peoples and the Network Society in Canada"

Dr. Rob McMahon, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
January 27, 2016


Research Colloquium "Feeling Through Information Topographies: How Young People 'Read' Information Design"

Allison Sivak, Public Services Librarian, H.T. Coutts Education Library, University of Alberta
January 13, 2016


Research Colloquium "Volunteer Libraries in New Zealand: Filling the Gaps?"

Dr. Brenda Chawner, FLIANZA, Senior Lecturer, School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington
December 2, 2015


Research Colloquium "Young People Online: Negotiating Multimodal Texts"

Margaret Shane, Information and Records Manager and Privacy Officer Archivist, Alberta Teachers' Association
November 4, 2015


Speaker's Corner "The Portable MLIS: Broadening Horizons"

Stephanie Benger, Abby Burbank, Carly Koshman, Tawnia Daughton, Amanda Wakaruk  
October 28, 2015

Learn about alternative careers in LIS

Research Colloquium "Analytics and Citizenship After Snowden"

Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell, Professor of Philosophy, Humanities Computing, University of Alberta
September 30, 2015


SLIS Public Talk  "School Library Grievance: Teacher Autonomy vs Administrative Collection Policies"  

Gail Chaddock-Costello, President, Langley Teacher's Association
Richard Beaudry, Vice-President, Langley Teacher's Association
February 26, 2015

This grievance will be of interest to anyone considering the process of fighting censorship within the framework of a collective agreement.

Speaker's Corner  "The Portable MLIS: Broadening Horizons"

Stephanie Benger, Abby Burbank, Thane Chambers, & Jennette Frost
February 11, 2015

Learn about alternate careers in Library and Information Studies

Speaker's Corner "The Wonderful World of Regional Libraries"

Jordan DeSousa, Stephanie Thero, & Jocie Wilson (Yellowhead Regional Library)
November 12, 2014

A panel discussion about professional work in a regional library


Dr. Michael McNally Research Colloquium
November 13, 2013

Listen (mp3, 50.3MB) 55 min

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Heather Berringer - Research Colloquium

"The Shortest Distance Between Two Points: Considering Non-Traditional Career Trajectories"October 17, 2012

Listen (mp3, 45.9MB) 50 minutes

Speakers' Corner: Dr. Ken Haycock

September 26, 2012

Listen (mp3, 37.7MB) 41 minutes

Library Association Presentation 

Panelists include: Keith Walker, President, CLA Mary Jane Bilsland, President, LAA Christina Hwang, Vice-President, GELA
April 12, 2011

Listen (mp3, 26.8MB) 29 minutes

Dr. Heidi Julien - Research Colloquium

"Evidence-based Design of Information Literacy Instruction: Innovation in Pedagogy for the Library and for the MLIS"
March 30, 2011

Part 1 (mp3, 13.7MB) 15 minutes

Part 2 (mp3, 13.9MB) 15 minutes

Allan Groen, Associate Director for Public Services

"International Job Opportunities: Qatar Foundation Central Library"
March 1, 2011

Listen (mp3, 26.4MB) 29 minutes

Jerremie Clyde - Research Colloquium

"Development of Games and Related Media Collection at the University of Calgary Library"
February 2, 2011

Part 1 (mp3, 18.3MB) 20 minutes

Part 2 (mp3, 19.2MB) 21 minutes

Dr. Ali Shiri - Research Colloquium

"Exploratory Interaction with Digital Libraries Using Visual Thesauri"
January 26, 2011

Part 1 (mp3, 21.0MB) 23 minutes

Part 2 mp3, 21.8MB) 24 minutes

Denise Koufogiannakis - Research Colloquium

"Transferring Evidence into Practice: Examining the Value of Research Summaries"
November 24, 2010

Part 1 (mp3, 19.2MB) 21 minutes

Part 2 (mp3, 20.4MB) 22 minutes

Dr. Brooke Sheldon - Research Colloquium

"Leadership and Library / I-School Graduates: Is Emotional Intelligence the Answer?"
November 17, 2010

Part 1 (mp3, 18.3MB) 20 minutes

Part 2 (mp3, 10.6MB) 12 minutes

Tayo Nagasawa - Research Colloquium

"Building Faculty and Librarian Collaborations: Strategic Approaches"
October 20, 2010

Part 1 (mp3, 17.4MB) 19 minutes

Part 2 (mp3, 16.2MB) 18 minutes

Brenda Chawner - Research Colloquium

"New Technologies, New Challenges: Building and Managing Online Identities for Professional (and personal) Communication"
October 13, 2010

Part 1 (mp3, 20.1MB) 22 minutes

Part 2 (mp3, 19.6MB) 21 minutes