School of Library and Information Studies

Student Research

SLIS students engage in all manner of research activities. Highlights of SLIS student research include Martha Attridge Bufton, who was the recipient of the 2016 IFLA LIS Student Paper Award, and Amanda Larsen's Mitacs Accelerate Internship assessing compliance with multiple privacy regimes for a start-up software development company. 

SLIS Student Theses


  • Anna Borynec (DH/MLIS) Exploring the Digital Medusa: Ssnakes, Sstorytelling, and Sserious Leisure
  • Laura Gerlitz (DH/MLIS) Judging a Book By Its Cover: Bringing the Digital Humanities into Reader’s Advisory
  • Kris Joseph (DH/MLIS) Catagora: Shared Library Cataloguing on the Ethereum Blockchain

On July 01, 2018, the Master of Arts in Humanities Computing (HuCo) changed to Master of Arts in Digital Humanities (DH).


  • Mihaela Ilovan (HuCo/MLIS) Information Architecture of CiteLens: A Visualization Tool for Context and Content Analysis of References in Traditional Humanities Monographs



  • Sophia Hoosein (HuCo/MLIS) Navigating the Jungle: An Investigation of Older Adults' Quests for Governmental Information
  • Andrea Johnston (HuCo/MLIS) Walking with the Archives: Mapping Newfoundland Identity through Ghost Stories and Folklore
  • Shannon Lucky (HuCo/MLIS) ARChives: Exploring the Community Archives of Canadian Artist-Run Centres
  • Betthany MacCallum (HuCo/MLIS) The Role of Social Medial in the Facilitation of Comples Discourses Between Young Adult Author and Reader
  • Sandra Schwab (HuCo/MLIS) Defining Privacy: A Critical Investigation of Canadian Political Discourse


  • Jared Bielby (HuCo/MLIS) Information Ethics. Exploring the crossroads between Information Ethics, WikiLeaks, and the Philosophy of Information
  • Alison Pitcher (MLIS) Online Library Communities:An Analysis of Ten Canadian Public Library Websites and Social Media
  • Robyn Stobbs (MLIS) Fiction & Information: The Leisure Reading Experience


  • Sara Vela (HuCo/MLIS) Documenting Classical Artefacts in a Digital Environment: A User-Centric Approach for an Academic Audience


  • Eric Forcier (HuCo/MLIS) The Shoemaker’s Son: A Substantive Theory of Social Media Use for Knowledge Sharing in Academic Libraries