Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship

Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship

June 1st

*Internal departmental deadline is earlier, as determined by the scholarship committee.

$10,800 (September 1st start)


Students must be entering or continuing in a full-time master's program. Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents at the date of application. 

Recipients will be outstanding scholars as demonstrated on the basis of academic and scholarly achievements. Sources of evidence are: minimum GPA 3.5 (4-point scale) on the most recent 5 three-credit courses, reference letters, statement of research program, and previous research.

Students are eligible to hold awards during the first 3 years of their program. 

Recipients are expected to act as resource persons for prospective applicants in succeeding years.  Recipients in the course-based MLIS should pursue their research through LIS 597 or LIS 599.

The department will contact eligible candidates for this award directly in February-March.

Government of Alberta

General information and the application form template are available on the FGSR website

Last updated
June 2015