Spectrum Initiative Scholarship (ALA)

Spectrum Initiative Scholarship (ALA)

March 1



Awarded annually to a Canadian or American citizen or permanent resident who is a member of one of four underrepresented groups (African Canadian or American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Latino/Hispanic, or Native Canadian or American).  This person must not have completed more than1/3 of the courses in an MLIS program prior to June 1. 

Recipient is chosen based on academic credentials and promise, potential for leadership, communication of diversity as a professional value, and financial need.  Open to both full-time and part-time students. 

Recipient must be willing to participate in a longitudinal study, complete a brief annual report, and attend an expense-paid institute.  Expectations: become a member of ALA, serve on an ALA committee or as an intern and active participation, serve in advisory capacity to Spectrum Steering Committee, and serve as recruiter and mentor to future Spectrum scholars.

Available on website. Please note that the application is only available from October-March.

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August 2011