Community Engagement Through Science

Facilities and points of interest

The Shack, the University of Alberta

Alongside the Faculty of Science collections and museums is some facilities and points of interest that are open to the community to access in the form of tours, appointments, or special events. Each of these facilities is different in respect to access, so please visit their websites for more information.

Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Points of Interest

As you journey through the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, we invite you to explore several installations exhibiting some of the incredible science and research taking place in the Faculty of Science. 

Department of Biological Sciences Greenhouse Complex

The Biology greenhouses cover an area of 425 square meters which are partitioned into twenty-two separate rooms. The greenhouses contain a large permanent collection of plants used for teaching and research.  Many of these plants have evolved highly specialized structures and adaptations which make them ideal for illustrating biological diversity and specialized survival strategies in their natural habitat.

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Geoscience Garden

The Geoscience Garden is an outdoor classroom where students can prepare for geological field work, and members of our community can learn about our geological heritage. Individual rocks in the Garden are marked by plaques containing links to pages on this site. Type a link into your browser or scan the QR code on the plaque with your smartphone. The rocks are organized into regions representing different parts of the Earth's crust's history.

Department of Physics Observatory

The University of Alberta's Observatory has educational programming aimed at students in Grades 6 and 9. Teachers can book an hour-long visit that includes astronomy presentations, demonstrations, and if the weather permits, viewing of astronomical objects through our telescopes. The Sun is viewed during daytime visits, and stars, nebulae, and planets are viewed during evening visits.

The Shack, University of Alberta's Science Hackerspace

The Science Hardware Hackerspace, AKA The Shack, is a student hackerspace equipped with modern tools like 3D printers, CNC milling machines, computers and electronics.