Community Engagement

Relationships with Industry

The Faculty of Science is a leader in research innovation and home to an expansive array of custom equipment and services. We are on the cutting edge of novel work in many industrial sectors and can assist industry leaders in addressing challenges, research and development, training, or access to high value equipment. Companies can also utilize many government funding sources by collaborating with one of our scientists. We are working hard to make industry-academia relationships easy and beneficial.

Faculty of Science Student Internship Program

The Science Internship Program integrates undergraduate university studies and relevant work experiences through 4, 8, 12 or 16-month paid internships.

Lab Services

The Faculty of Science has an array of high value laboratory equipment that companies can access under a user fee structure. Some of our equipment is unavailable elsewhere in the province or in the country. Industry can have specialized assays done on their samples or in some cases, send their own personnel here to train on the equipment. Each lab/service unit has its own unique user model, pricing, and contacts.

Networking Opportunities

The Faculty of Science hosts industry guests at formal and informal events. If you would like to meet one of our researchers, tour one of our facilities, or attend an upcoming event, please provide your contact details here and we will contact you with event details or to arrange a meeting.

Science-Industry Brainstorming Sessions (SIBS)

Do you have a theoretical question or need to brainstorm with experts in your field? Partner agencies (local businesses/not-for-profits/government) can access researcher expertise at informal monthly lunch hour meetings. Partner agencies submit their specific problem or question and we source out expertise within the Faculty. A free group meeting with the partner agency and the researchers is organized at the Faculty of Science.

Training Courses

Is your business looking for professional development courses in the field of science? We offer access to training courses on the topics of Software Product Management Specialization, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Business and Leadership.