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Colleen Cassady St. Clair, PhD



Biological Sciences


Research Interests 

Movement Behaviour in Fragmented Habitats.  Several graduate students and I have studied how animals move through and select habitat in landscapes that have been altered by humans with a particular focus barriers and corridors.  These studies have addressed birds, small mammals, wolves, ungulates, carnivores and other species in urban, rural, and natural areas.  Study sites have ranged from local (Edmonton's river valley and the Canadian Rockies), to distant (Costa Rica and India). 

Human-wildlife conflict.  A consequence of successful use by wildlife of human-dominated landscapes is conflict with people.  We've studied human-wildlife conflict in birds and large mammals.  Avian emphases include adaptations by urban birds and waterfowl protection in the oil sands region.  Other work has focused on adapting and habituated mammals, including coyotes, cougars, bears, and elk.  Current projects include the Edmonton Urban Coyote Project, the Grizzly Bear Research and Mitigation Project, and a study of plumage colouration as an indicator of pollution exposure.  

More generally, I'm interested in the interface between Behavioural Ecology and Conservation Biology. I especially enjoy exploring novel ways of advancing conservation practice with empirical methods and theory from behaviour, especially those concerning behavioural flexibility that stems from learning processes.  My past work focused on behavioural ecology in seabirds, primarily brood reduction in crested penguins.


Current Courses

Biology 367 Conservation Biology

Biology 603 Advanced Ecology