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Hayley Wan, PhD

Organic Chemistry Laboratory Director



About Me

B.Sc. Biology and Chemistry (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

M.Phil. Organic Chemistry (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology - UMIST, UK)

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry (Durham University, UK). 

Dr. Wan has been the Director of Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratories at the University of Alberta since 2009. She is responsible for management and coordination of the laboratory component of the organic chemistry courses (CHEM 164, 261, 263, 361, 363), as well as training and supervision of the teaching assistants.


Dr. Wan's background is in the area of synthetic organic chemistry and asymmetric catalysis. Current research interests include chemical education and the development of a modern, engaging laboratory curriculum for undergraduate students, as well as the development of novel teaching tools for the enhancement of student learning in organic chemistry.