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JC Cahill



Biological Sciences


Current Research Interests

Research in the lab addresses a diversity of fundamental questions in plant ecology. We take a broad approach to research, with interest in plant behavioural ecology, competition, plant-pollinator interactions, insect and mammalian herbivory, evolutionary and functional ecology, climate change, and mychorrhizae.

We generally use a 'kick-the-tires' experimental approach in both natural communities (e.g. native grasslands), and mesocosms (e.g. growth rooms and greenhouses) to test questions at the levels of the individual, population, and community. We incorporate techniques of molecular ecology into many of our studies.

Please visit my lab home page to find out about any opportunities for graduate study. I am always interested in hearing from prospective graduate students at both the M.Sc. and PhD. level, as well as potential postdoctoral fellows and undergraduates. Admissions, and most funding sources, are available to students regardless of nationality. Currently, the lab consists of people from Canada, the United States, Kenya, and Iran.

Laboratory of Experimental Plant Ecology
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