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Jeff Gu, PhD




About Me

I received my PhD degree in Geophysics from Harvard University under the guidance of Professor Adam Dziewonski, whose passion and vision for seismological research are unparalleled.  I minorred in computer science during my graduate studies, but the field evolved so fast that I am way behind today's technologies, at least according to my 'ever-encouraging' graduate students.  I am currently the associate editors of Surveys in Geophysics and Journal of Seismology.

In my pastime I passionately follow the National Football League, especially Tom Brady and the big, bad New England Patriots, the reigning Superbowl Champ from 2014!


My main research areas are regional seismology and tectonics, seismic sources and inversions.   My favorite depth range is the mantle transition zone where major mineralogical phase changes of olivine and garnet take place.  More recently I have been focusing on regional tectonics beneath Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.  Under the help of students and departmental technicians I was able to deploy a series of broadband seismometers in various parts of Alberta.  This array (CRANE) is now the backbone for the regional seismic monitoring, especially pertaining to induced earthquakes by wastewater or fracking injections, as well as for the investigations of crustal and mantle seismic structures.   I love computations and occasionally dabble in research pertaining to ultrasonic waves in bones.


Love teaching in general.  Students need to keep space though since I could get quite animated in class.   Not the most organized person but do my best to make classes interesting.