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Mirko van der Baan, PhD




About Me

MSc (1996) University of Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
PhD (1999) University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France
HDR (2007) Institute of Physics of the Globe, University Denis Diderot (Paris 7), Paris, France
Postdoctoral then Senior Research Fellow (2000-2005) School of Earth Sciences, U. of Leeds, UK.
Lecturer, then Reader of Exploration Seismology (2005-2008), School of Earth and Environment, Earth Sciences, U. of Leeds, UK.
Associate Professor, Exploration Seismology (2008-present), Dept. of Physics, U. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.


My current research interests involve signal processing, microseismicity and seismic wave propagation in anisotropic media. I collaborate intensively with the oil and gas industry on all of these topics. [My website] contains full information on ongoing industry-funded projects such as Blind Identification of Seismic Signals (BLISS) and the Microseismic Industry Consortium.