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Paul Myers, PhD



Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

About Me


Research area

Physical Oceanography, High Latitude Oceanography, Numerical Modelling and Numerical Model Development

Research interest

Paul Myers is a physical oceanographer who is interested in the ocean's role in climate (past and present). The ocean plays a key role in the global system, as an important element of the climate system and as a provider for resources (from fisheries to undersea floor resources). Studies of the ocean include the analysis of both ocean observational data and numerical model development and simulation. Regional studies concentrate on the high latitude oceans bounding Canada, including the Labrador Sea and sub-polar North Atlantic, modelling of the Canadian Arctic and the northwest passage, the North Pacific as well as the Mediterranean.

Research opportunity

I am seeking graduate students who would be interested in studying and working in one of the below areas

  • 1) The role of Freshwater in the High-Latitude Oceans
  • 2) Regional Ocean Modelling (Labrador Sea and Subpolar North Atlantic)
  • 3) Links Between the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans
  • 4) Upper Ocean Variability in the Gulf of Alaska
  • 5) Finite Element Methods in Oceanography
  • 6) Paleoceanography
  • 7) Mediterranean Oceanography