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Robert A Creaser, PhD, FRSC

Professor & Canada Research Chair I in Isotope Geochemistry


Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

About Me

Canada Research Chair Tier I in Isotope Geochemistry 2009-2023
Fellow Royal Society of Canada 2008
Distinguished Member Geological Association of Canada 2007
Fellow Society of Economic Geologists 2007
McCalla Professor 2003
Past Presidents Medal Geological Association of Canada 1998
University of Alberta Faculty of Science Research Award 1997


Robert Creaser specializes in radiogenic isotope geochemistry using the Re-Os, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Pb-Pb isotope systems. A wide variety of geochemical phenomena and processes, mainly involving the geochemistry, origin and evolution of Earth's crust, are investigated using these isotope systems. Currently, research projects focus on the use of Re-Os isotopes for geochronology, such as: Re-Os geochronology and systematics of organic-rich sediments (black shales), application of Re-Os isotopes for direct dating of hydrothermal sulfide mineralization, Re-Os geochronology of fluid flow in sedimentary basins. Research opportunity:

  • Geochronology of fluid flow in sedimentary basins using Re-Os isotopes.
  • Re-Os geochronology of hydrothermal ore-forming systems using sulfide minerals.