A beautiful mind

Gillian Rutherford - 16 December 2022

This illustration by An Bui, '22 BSc(Hons), represents a unique combination of art and neuroscience.

It can be hard to get your head around the scope of neuroscience. The complex interactions between all of the neurons that drive our nervous systems and our brains are almost unfathomable. Just a small malfunction can lead to disease, yet research to find potential repairs so far just scratches the surface of what there is to know and understand.

That’s why a group of multidisciplinary experts collaborated to provide a different angle of insight into neuroscience research.

 The result is Connections: Bringing Neuroscience and Art Together, a luminous art exhibit of 70 multimedia pieces and a few poems that was on display at the Friends of University Hospitals' McMullen Gallery over the summer and is now available online and as a book. The exhibit depicts the beauty of the brain, its fragility, and the hope that connects everyone touched by the field of neuroscience.

 An Bui, ’22 BSc(Hons), is a contributor, inspired by her studies in neuroscience, working on ischemic stroke and collateral therapies. She fell for the brain and the nervous system in high school, which prompted her to pursue neuroscience at the U of A. While not working on her masters in psychiatry at the U of A with Ian Winship, BSc '00, PhD '05, she works as a freelance artist and illustrator.