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As per Article 7.10 of the Faculty Agreement and Article 7.03 of the Faculty Service Officer (FSO) Agreement, all regular continuing Faculty staff and FSOs are required to complete an annual report based on University responsibilities during the previous academic year.Annual reports prepared by Science staff in these categories are completed in an online database otherwise known as the "eFEC - Annual Report" or "electronic Faculty Evaluation Committee - Annual Report".

Faculty Evaluation Committee (Annual Report)

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Important Deadlines for Faculty and FSO Members

  • Intent to Apply for Promotion letters are due April 25, 2017: Letter from Faculty/FSO member to the Vice Dean indicating his/her wish to be considered for promotion to Professor or higher FSO level
  • Sabbatical Applications are due October 11, 2017: Sabbatical applications must be submitted to the Vice Dean

Important Meeting Dates for the Faculty Evaluation Committee:

  • Pre-FEC Meeting:  October 23, 2017; meeting from 1:00 - 4:00 pm
  • FEC Tenure Meeting: November 1, 2017; reserve entire day
  • FEC Deliberates:  December 4 - December 7, 2017; meetings commencing at 8:30 am daily 
  • FEC Reconvenes: January 29, 2018; reserve entire day

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