Celebrating the graduates of Spring 2022: Kara Terry — Gold Medal in Science

Kara Terry receives the 2022 Gold Medal in Science as she graduates today.

Donna McKinnon - 14 June 2022

Each year, the Faculty of Science recognizes graduates with the highest academic achievement. To be a gold medalist takes discipline, perseverance and a passion for the subject matter.

This spring, we are pleased to celebrate Kara Terry, recipient of the Gold Medal in Science awarded to the convocating student from the specialization programs in the Faculty of Science who has shown the highest distinction in scholarship.

Kara has made the Dean’s Honor Roll for each year of her undergraduate specialization program in pharmacology and has contributed to two recently published research papers.

Congratulations Kara!

What brought you to the U of A?

I grew up in and around Edmonton and attending the U of A had been my goal since I can remember. The campus is beautiful, the opportunities are endless and the environment is so welcoming. I am also someone who needs a strong support system, so staying close to my family was really important to me! 

Tell us about your experience in the faculty. 

Through my studies, research and volunteering, I have had nothing but good experiences with the Faculty of Science! I have been able to explore multiple research interests that range from platelet pharmacology to evolutionary parasitology to gynaecological oncology. I have also volunteered with the faculty through the science mentorship program and I have tutored Mini Study Groups for second year science courses. Throughout all of my experiences with the faculty, I have felt supported and empowered which has allowed me to thrive.

What is one of your favourite memories from your time at U of A?

It has to be the pharmacology graduation banquet that happened this past week! It was such a nice send off for me and all of my friends in the pharmacology program! Unfortunately, because of COVID, it was a lot harder to make friends and meet people in my program. I am so happy that in the last year and a half I was able to meet amazing friends to share this journey with me! I know they will all do such amazing things in the future.

What advice do you have for current and future students?

Make sure you take time to enjoy the university experience while you are here! Join clubs, get involved, go to office hours. Your time at the university flies by and you won't realize it until it is over. 

How do you plan on celebrating convocation?

I am celebrating by taking time off, relaxing and exploring a lot of my interests that don't involve school! I am also going on a trip to Toronto and Montreal this summer which I am very excited about. 

What's next after graduation?

I am excited to be returning to the University of Alberta for medical school in the fall! My two biggest interests are oncology and women's health which I hope to focus on in my future career.

Kara joins other Faculty of Science gold medal recipients Jayesh Vig, Dean’s Gold Medal in Science, and Shezel Muneer, Lieutenant-Governor's Gold Medal.