Bachelor of Science (BSc) General course registration

Your degree will consist of courses that satisfy the junior core requirements, arts options, major and minor. We recommend you register for the junior core requirements in your first year of study.

Junior core requirements include the following:

  • You will need to obtain a minimum of *24 credits from the junior core section
  • Choose a minimum of *6 credits (2 courses) from each junior core category

Course descriptions for the junior core requirements are available in BearTracks

Bachelor of Science (BSc) General course planner

Example of a first year timetable with 5 courses (a full course load):

English English
Physical Science Physical Science
Mathematics Mathematics
Laboratory Science Laboratory Science
Option Option

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Common Questions

1. Do I have to take English in my first year?

The completion of 6 credits in junior level English is required for you to complete your Bachelor of Science General degree; however, you do not have to take them all in your first year. As long as you complete the English requirement before you apply to graduate, you will be fine.

2. How many courses can I take?

You are permitted to take a maximum of 5 courses per semester. As a General Science student there is no course load requirement so you may attend part time (less than *9 per semester) or full time (up to *30 per semester) - the choice is yours

3. How do I declare my Major or Minor? Can I change them?

You can make changes to your major or minor once you start your classes. Complete the Major/Minor declaration form and submit it to the Faculty of Science Student Services Office at any time. There is no cost associated.