Step 3: Register in your Courses

Register in your courses on Bear Tracks and create a timetable

Once you have chosen your courses, select the “Search for Classes” link in Bear Tracks to see when each class is offered. Use this to put together your weekly schedule.

Use the online timetable planner or the "Schedule Builder" tool in Bear Tracks to make this easier. Special Note: The Schedule Builder is a tool used to create a visual of your timetable. Once you create a timetable using Schedule Builder, you must remember to actually "ENROLL" in your courses.

If you do not wish to use the Schedule Builder, simply use the “Add” and “Drop” functions to build your timetable.

Go ahead and register for your classes and remember to print your timetable to ensure it looks the way you want.

How to use BearTracks

Beartracks has many different features to help you register in courses. View the short video tutorials to learn how to use them.

Video Tutorials

BearTracks Essentials

  • learn how to navigate your way around BearTracks

Add A Class

  • use when you know the exact course you want to enroll in

Drop A Class

  • use when you want to drop a course you are already enrolled in

Swap A Class

  • do not drop a course until you have one to fill its spot

Watch List

  • if the course you want is full use this feature to see when spots open up

How to pay the Tuition Deposit

  • learn about the 6 different payment options available

Additional Assistance

The Faculty Recruiters are also available by email as if you need additional help. Please remember the Recruitment Team cannot accommodate drop-in advising.