Welcome to our Registration Guide

To help you with the registration process, we have developed this guide in hope to make this process easy for you to understand and follow. Begin by selecting the category that applies to you:


High School Applicants

Applicants who have never attended a post-secondary institution and have never taken a post-secondary course.

High School Applicant


reg101 online course

Transfer Applicants

Applicants who have been enrolled in a post-secondary institution or have taken post-secondary classes. This category also includes students who have completed a degree.

Transfer Applicant


transfer reg course

Course Registration Guide

Prepare yourself for orientation and get step-by-step instructions to help enrol in your courses with the print version of our registration guide.

The Course Registration Guide contains information and instructions regarding:

  • your CCID,
  • Bear Tracks & Launchpad,
  • accepting your admission offer,
  • course registration & degree planning,
  • upcoming events & workshops,
  • and more.

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