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Science registration workshops are now complete. For assistance, please refer to our saved version of the presentation found on the Planning Your First Year page.

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  Timetable Planner and Tip Sheets:

 Using the links below, select your Timetable Planner and a Program Tip Sheet.  All other hand-outs are optional depending on your situation.




 Program Specific Tip Sheet (pdf):

Download the appropriate tip sheet based on your program.  If you are in the BSc General degree please choose according to your major:

  • Medical Sciences (Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Immunology & Infection, Neuroscience, Physiology, Pharmacology)

 Other Resources 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Can I take a course if I do not have the prerequisite
    Do not register for a course if you do not have the prerequisite. You risk getting a poor grade and you will not receive credit for the course if you do not have the prerequisites completed prior to registration.
  • Do I have to take English in my first year
    The requirement is to complete 6 credits in English (ENGL or WRS courses) by the time you graduate. You do not have to take both of your English courses in the first year, some students choose to get them out of the way in first year, but other options are to take them in Spring/Summer or in future years. As long as they are completed by the time you graduate. 
  • How many classes should I take each term
    That depends on the program to which you have been admitted. Each program has a course load requirement that you must follow. Refer to the calendar first, to find the minimum course load you are required to take. For example, students in our Honors Neuroscience, Honors Biochemistry, Honors Physiology, Honors Pharmacology and Honors Psychology programs must take 30 credits in each fall/winter (5 courses each term).

    General Science students do not have course load requirements and can take up to 5 courses per term.

    NOTE: Some scholarships, awards or loans require you to carry a specific course load. Keep this in mind when registering for courses.
  • How many courses should I take to be a full time student
    A course load less than *9 (less than 3 courses) is classified as part time. A course load of *9 or more (3 courses or more) is classified as full time.
  • I would like to apply to a professional program

    Professional programs are very competitive and our Science students are typically completing Faculty of Science degree requirements while working towards professional program prerequisites. It is important to check the admissions requirements on a yearly basis for professional programs to ensure you are on track to apply. 

    The Faculty of Science has created a Science Guide to Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Dental Hygiene, Optometry & Medical Laboratory Sciences.

  • More Registration FAQ
    Click here for more Registration FAQ
  • What are Approved Options
    Approved options in the BSc General program can be any Science, Arts or even outside options. If you are in Specialization or Honors, the Departments will often have a list of course options that have been pre-approved by your advisor. If a list has not been provided, contact us for assistance.
  • Why am I not able to register in CHEM 164 in Beartracks
    Chemistry 164 is an advanced organic chemistry course that is offered in the first term of university. To take this course you must achieve a minimum grade of 90% in Chemistry 30 or equivalent. (Senior high school chemistry). 

    To register you must contact the Department of Chemistry and obtain permission. In August the Department will check to ensure you have received a final grade of 90%. If you do not present the pre-requisite, you will be removed from the class. It is then your responsibility to register for an alternate course.