NSERC CREATE and Specialized Graduate Programs

Mar ATUMS Students

Abishek Iyer

I am a Ph.D. student in Dr. Arthur Mar’s Lab. Our lab is mainly focused on the synthesis and characterization of high temperature intermetallic solid state compounds. For my research, I am investigating the properties of quaternary intermetallic compounds containing chalcogenides for applications such as non-linear optics and thermoelectrics. When not in the lab I like to travel, and to play and watch different sports like soccer, tennis and cricket. I have received professional training in playing a classical Indian instrument called Tabla.

Email: akiyer[at]ualberta.ca



Alexander Gzyl

I grew up in Ottawa where I did a one year stint in biology at the University of Ottawa before deciding that chemistry was my passion. I completed my B.Sc. in chemistry with a concentration in nanotechnology at the University of Carleton before joining the Mar group. My research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of high temperature intermetallic solid-state compounds. The bulk of my work is investigating pnictide Zintl phases as possible thermoelectric materials but I also have an interest in multiferroic and topologically insulating materials. When not in the lab I like to rock climb, play soccer, and go on hikes. I’m also an avid movie goer, a foodie and combat sports enthusiast.

Email: gzyl[at]ualberta.ca


Dong Zhang

I am from Zibo, a small town sitting on the east side of China. I came to Edmonton few years ago, and completed my bachelor degree at the University of Alberta. Studying abroad has allowed me to experience other cultures and be more independent. I am a master student in the Mar group, focusing on solid state synthesis of a series of ternary and quaternary intermetallic germanides, and exploring their magnetic and thermoelectric properties. When I am free, I prefer to play badminton, assemble models, practice card tricks, watch movies, or play different board games with friends.

Email: dzhang5[at]ualberta.ca