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Mar ATUMS Students

Abishek Iyer

I am a Ph.D. student in Dr. Arthur Mar’s Lab. Our lab is mainly focused on the synthesis and characterization of high temperature intermetallic solid state compounds. For my research, I am investigating the properties of quaternary intermetallic compounds containing chalcogenides for applications such as non-linear optics and thermoelectrics. When not in the lab I like to travel, and to play and watch different sports like soccer, tennis and cricket. I have received professional training in playing a classical Indian instrument called Tabla.

Email: akiyer[at]



Mansura Khatun

Mansura Khatun

I was born and raised in Bangladesh. My M.Sc. specialization was in synthesis, structure and reactivity of transition metal clusters and main group metal complexes which were particularly modelling on industrially important HDS (Hydrodesulfurization) and HDN (Hydrodenitrogenation) processes. I have also worked on crystallography am interested in learning more about this topic. I moved to Edmonton in 2009 and started my studies in the Fall of 2011. My research interest is the exploration of alkali and transition metal containing arsenides which are Zintl Phases and potential candidates for the thermoelectric materials.  My hobbies are cooking, watching movies, needlepoint, and playing with my baby.

Email: mansura[at]