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Rivard ATUMS Students

Matt Roy

Matthew Roy

I was born in 1992 in the small but beautiful city of Fredericton, New Brunswick. I completed my B.Sc. at the University of New Brunswick in 2014. It was then that I decided to move to the unbelievably flat, hare covered city of Edmonton to join the Rivard group! In my spare time I can be found at any of the fine licensed establishments that Edmonton has to offer.

Email: mmroy[at]ualberta.ca



Sarah Parke

Sarah Parke

I am from Kelowna, B.C. and I completed my B.Sc. at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. I like to paint, draw, read and bike in my spare time. I have just moved to Edmonton to join the Rivard group to complete my graduate studies and I am very excited to be working on the bismuth project.

Email: sparke[at]ualberta.ca




Chrissy Braun

Chrissy Braun

Hi, I am Chrissy and I am from a small town in southwestern Ontario called Straffordville. I obtained my B.Sc. from the University of Western Ontario, but I also spent a term abroad at the University of Leeds in the UK. Besides chemistry, travelling is my passion. The countries I have visited so far include the US, Nicaragua, the UK, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France. Now I’m in Edmonton and I am very excited to live (relatively) close to the stunning, wild-life abundant Rocky Mountains, and of course to do some tellurium chemistry!

Email: cbraun[at]gmx.ualberta.ca



Jocelyn Sinlair

Jocelyn Sinclair

I grew up in the bustling suburban metropolis of Mississauga ON before moving eastward to attend Dalhousie University in Halifax for my BSc. Now I've traded a true ocean for oceans of grass by coming out to U of A. I'm starting my graduate studies in the Rivard group and am excited to be working on bridging the gap from molecular compounds to functionalized nanoparticles. Outside the lab, you can find me lurking around local bookstores, theatres, and hiking trails, or desperately trying to hitch a ride out to the mountains. 

Email: si5[at]ualberta.ca




Ian Watson

Ian Watson

I am originally from London, Ontario. I completed my undergrad at the University of Guelph where I did some research in Michael Denk’s lab. After chatting with several professors here at U of A, I decided on joining the Rivard group. I am thrilled to be here and I am excited about my location and the chemistry. In my spare time I love to hike, camp, and otherwise explore nature. Thankfully, I am relatively close to one of the best places in the world for all of those things!  


Email: watson[at]ualberta.ca



Bruno Luppi

I was born in São Bernardo, in the outskirts of the biggest city in Brazil. I completed my B.Sc. at the University of Campinas in 2015 after an exchange program at the University of Toronto, which sparked my interest for Canada and its multicultural population. After graduating, I was looking for a new and exciting area of research and found out about the highly interdisciplinary tellurium projects with photovoltaic applications in the Rivard group! I have experience in different areas such as polymer processing, industrial scale research and environmental risk assessment and I am hoping to able to bring my skills and some more Brazilian knowledge into the group. In my spare time, I can be found listening to rock songs or watching the Toronto Raptors play.


Email: luppi[at]ualberta.ca


Alvaro Omana

Alvaro Omaña

My name is Alvaro Omaña. I grew up in London, Ontario after moving to Canada from my home town, Valencia, Venezuela. I received my B.Sc. from the University of Waterloo in 2017. I chose to attend the University of Alberta because of its strong research department, where every researcher is focused on advancing their own field by collaborative and often interdisciplinary work. My research interests include controlled novel polymer materials and the study of polymerization mechanisms/kinetics. As a part of the Rivard lab, my project will involve studying the polymerization of novel polytellurophenes, along with their unique optical properties.


Email: omana[at]ualberta.ca