Ben Gruber, M.Sc. | DERTS Alumni

DERTS Graduate

University of Alberta
Supervisors: Tom Chacko and Graham Pearson

Ben successfully defended his M.Sc.on May 18, 2019.

Ben's MSc. research focused on identifying how lower crustal chemical and thermal parameters affect mantle geotherms and the diamond capacity of kimberlite pipes. He worked with in-situ trace element measurements on mineral phases and ambient-temperature inclusion thermometry to complete these calculations.

Ben is currently pursuing his PhD at Scripts Oceanographic Institute.


Misasa International Student Internship Program: July - August 2017

Alberta geological Survey: January- February 2018


Gruber, B. (2019) Temperatures and Heat Production in the Slave Craton Lower Crust: Evidence from Xenoliths in the Diavik A-154 Kimberlite. MSc. thesis university of Alberta,

Yoshino, T., Gruber, B., Reiner, C. (2018) Effects of pressure and water on electrical conductivity of carbonate melt with implications for conductivity anomaly in continental mantle lithosphere. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 281 p. 8-16

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