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Marina Karaevangelou, MSc. | DERTS Alumni




DERTS Graduate

University of British Columbia
Supervisor: Maya Kopylova  


Marina succesfully defended her MSc. in October 2019.


Marina completed the first study of diamonds and their inclusions from the Lace kimberlite a Cretaceous kimberlite that belongs to the Kroonstad Group II Kimberlite kimberlite cluster in South Africa. Samples for her project were provided by Diamond Corp PLC.


Rio Tinto: May - September 2018



Karaevangelou, M. (2019) Diamondiferous mantle beneath the Lace kimberlite in South Africa : evidence from mineral inclusions in diamonds. MSc. Thesis, University of British Columbia, https://doi.org/10.14288/1.0384587