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Theetso Motsamai, PhD. | DERTS Associates


     Theetso Motsamai


DERTS Associate Graduate

University of Alberta 
Supervisor: Thomas Stachel 


Theetso succesfully defended his Ph.D. in September 2018. 



Motsamai, T., Harris J.W., Stachel, T., Pearson, D.G., Armstrong J. (2018) Mineral inclusions in diamonds from Karowe Mine, Botswana: super-deep sources for super-sized diamonds? Mineralogy and Petrology 112(1):169-180 https://doi.org/10.1007/s00710-018-0604-9

Motsamai, T. (2018) The composition of the lithospheric mantle beneath the Karowe Mine and its associated diamond sources in north-eastern Botswana (PhD. Thesis) University of Alberta


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