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     Christian Veglio


Christian Veglio

Degree program: Master of Science, University of Alberta 
Supervisors: Tom Chacko, Graham Pearson 


My project is on the residence of gold and other precious/ base metal mobility in the mantle. Using mantle xenoliths from the Jericho and Muskox kimberlites chemical analysis will be performed looking I will be using laser ablation ICP-MS measurements to quantify gold and other precious metals in mantlehost minerals.  The ultimate goal of the project is to determine the role of the lithospheric mantle in ore deposit genesis. The project is sponsored by the Geological Survey of Canada`s Targeted Geoscience Initiative and the DERTS program, supervised by Graham  Pearson (University of Alberta), Christopher Lawley (Geological Survey of  Canada) and Bruce Kjarsgaard (Geological Survey of Canada).


DeBeers Group Canada: May - August, 2018

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