David Sasse | DERTS Trainees

Degree program: Master of Science, University of British Columbia
Supervisor: Kelly Russell

My research interests pertain to the attrition of macrocrystic minerals as xenoliths are entrained by the kimberlite magma as it makes its way to the surface. By studying the changes in grain size distributions and shape characteristics of minerals such as olivine, clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene and garnet through analogue experiments, we gain insights into the energy levels present during ascent as well as the resulting effects this has on reaction rates and the diamond grade. Prior to starting my Masters, I worked as a research assistant studying the parameters that influence abrasion and fragmentation of olivine during kimberlite ascent. This new area of research conducted through the DERTS program will broaden our understanding of kimberlite transport and could be applied to diamond exploration in novel ways.


Rio Tinto: May - August 2018

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