Denelle Smyth | DERTS Trainee

Degree program: Master of Science, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Larry Heaman, Graham Pearson

I am a MSc student at the University of Alberta working with Graham Pearson and Larry Heaman. My MSc thesis is based on the Pikoo kimberlites and will provide the first detailed look at their character and genesis. I will use U-Pb in perovskite to date my samples and Sr-Nd tracer isotopes to analyze the magma source region. I did my undergraduate degree in Geology at the U of A. My undergraduate thesis tested the viability of using laser ablation ICP-MS on single olivine grains to analyze trace elements and the use of Al-in-olivine thermometry to return accurate depth estimates in relation to the diamond stability field as a potential exploration tool.


Victor Diamond Mine - DeBeers Canada: May - August 2017

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