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Garrett Harris



Degree program: Master of Science, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Graham Pearson

I am currently working on a Master's project focusing on a suite of peridotitic and eclogitic xenoliths from the Darby Kimberlite field in Nunavut, to determine composition, age and geotherm of the lithospheric mantle in the West Central Rae Craton. I completed an undergrad degree at the University of Alberta and worked as a research assistant for the Arctic resources laboratory before beginning my graduate studies. Currently, my research interests have been focused on Os isotopes and Re-PGE measurements, of which I have setup and calibrated a new Re-PGE chemistry procedure for the Arctic Resources Laboratory. In addition, a large portion of my Master's project has utilized electron microprobe and laser ablation methods. With geochemistry being my main research interest, I hope to utilize my current skill set in industry once I have completed my Master's.