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Katherine Landoni | DERTS Trainees




Degree program: MSc., University of British Columbia 
Supervisor: Kelly Russell

I graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree as an Honors Scholar with a dual degree in Earth Sciences: Geology and Environmental Sciences. I wrote and defended an undergraduate thesis where I researched the timing of volcanism in Central Oregon and was advised by Adam Kent. I acquired 40Ar/39Ar ages, bulk rock chemistry, and crystal chemistry from Tam McArthur Rim, a small shield volcano located near Bend, Oregon. From my research I found that Tam McArthur Rim potentially represents the nexus between the High Lava Plains of Eastern Oregon and the High Cascade Volcanoes. My current MSc DERTS project is still being ironed out, but I am most interested in the geochemical insights into kimberlite compositional evolution that can be gleaned from Olivine melt/fluid inclusions, rims, and cracks.

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