Sean Bettac | DERTS Trainees

Degree program: Master of Science, University of Alberta
Supervisors: Martyn Unsworth

I am a first year Master's student under the supervision of Martyn Unsworth. As an undergraduate I completed my first research project under Dr. Kravchinsky on the topic of paleomagnetism. We reconstructed paleowind directions in Alaska using preferred orientations of magnetic fabrics in the loess deposits of the region. My current research is focused on better understanding the structure of the lithosphere of the Slave Craton in the Northwest Territories using magnetotellurics (MT). MT is ideal for studying the Earth's crust because it can image contrasts in electrical resistivity to depths on the order of hundreds of kilometres. Diamonds typically form in Archean cratons and require the presence of carbon. Regional MT surveys cannot see diamonds, however, it can potentially see regions with graphite and can image the extent of cratons. Our research goal is to delineate regions that are favourable for diamondiferous kimberlites based upon the observed electrical structure of the lithosphere.

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