Stephane Poitras | DERTS Trainees

Degree program: Master of Science, University of Alberta
Supervisor: Graham Pearson

I am a Masters Candidate specializing in diamond exploration techniques, kimberlite indicator mineral chemistry and structural geology. Prior to embarking graduate studies, I had completed my Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in geology from the University of Alberta. During my undergraduate degree, I worked two summers as a field assistant, first on an oilsands remediation and reclamation project at Syncrude's Mills Lake in Alberta, and next on a porphyry alteration footprint project through the Canadian Mining Innovation Council, at the Highland Valley Copper Mine in British Columbia. I am currently working on a joint project with the Northwest Territories Geological Survey on understanding the diamond potential from kimberlite indicator minerals collected from stream sediments and tills within the Central Mackenzie Valley, Northwest Territories.

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