Thomas Stachel | DERTS Faculty

Canada Research Chair: Diamonds



Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta





Dr. Stachel is the Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Diamonds and the acknowledged leading world expert on inclusions within diamonds. He established and directs the Canadian Centre for
Isotopic Microanalysis, a unique-in-Canada multi-collector ion microprobe that has a major focus on the analysis of diamonds. Dr Stachel has written major reviews on diamond
formation and the chemistry of diamond inclusions and received an NSERC accelerator award in 2007 for this work. V.M. Goldschmidt award from the DMG in 1999. Life member of the International
Kimberlite Conference Advisory Committee.

Dr. Stachel's main research area is diamond geology. Research topics include studies on diamonds and their inclusions, the evolution of cratonic roots and the mineralogy and geochemistry of the deep mantle.

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