Undergraduate Programs - Bachelor of Science

Science 100

A multi-disciplinary course designed to give you a strong academic education in all aspects of science.

Science 100 is one full year course that explores and teaches the concepts and foundations of seven scientific disciplines in a unified and integrated manner.

This is a unique opportunity to explore different sciences, see the connections between them and apply that knowledge to solve complex problems.

Science 100 allows you to be in a small class, giving you more opportunity to interact with teaching staff and fellow students.

  1. The material in Science 100 is presented in an interdisciplinary manner, dissolving boundaries between specific disciplines.
  2. Course material from Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology are combined into one full year.
  3. It incorporates unique learning opportunities including field work, visits to research facilities, group projects, novel lab experiments, and an individual research project.

Note: We are not admitting students to Science 100 for September 2015.