Undergraduate Programs - Bachelor of Science

Course Details

Science 100 is a first year university science course worth *27. It is offered for the full year in combination with a *3 writing course.

It’s important to note that Science 100 is not an overview course, nor a continuation of the Alberta Science 10, 20, 30 stream. Instead, it uses an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, and the focus is on in-depth teaching, conceptual understanding and practical mastery of the fundamentals.


SCI 100 + WRS 103 together create a full year (30 credit) timetable. (You will not be able to register in additional courses)

The Science 100 curriculum has been designed to cover material from first year courses most commonly required for a degree in science. Emphasis is placed on a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts, the ability to make connections between different disciplines and critical thinking.

First year English requirement

In addition to Science 100, students take a 3 credit writing course; WRS 103: An Introduction to Writing in the Sciences. This component provides the tools needed for the development of clear and effective writing and communication, skills that are of immense value for any career choice.

  • WRS 103 was introduced as a result of the work of the University of Alberta Writing Task Force.
  • WRS 103 will count as *3 towards the junior level English requirement in your Science degree.