Undergraduate Programs - Bachelor of Science

Students successfully completing Science 100 are exceptionally well prepared for wherever their interests take them in their subsequent years at university.

Credit After Science 100

Preparation for second year classes

Science 100 is a first year course, covering fundamental curriculum necessary for you to transition into 2nd year courses in any of the science disciplines.

SCI 100 is equivalent to:

Biology:                                          BIOL 107 and BIOL 108
Chemistry:                                      CHEM 101, CHEM 102 and CHEM 164
Computing Science:                       CMPUT 174
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences:      EAS 100 and EAS 105
Mathematics:                                  MATH 114 and MATH 115
Physics:                                          PHYS 144 and PHYS 146
Psychology:                                    PSYCO 104

Science 100 is recognized as a prerequisite for any courses or programs requiring the above courses

Professional programs

Science 100 satisfies the requirements of any professional program at the University of Alberta which requires any of the above listed courses.