Why Choose Science at UAlberta?

Labs and Facilities

The Faculty of Science is home to numerous teaching and research labs, top facilities and world renowned Centres of Excellence. We ensure our students, professors and staff have access to the resources necessary for them to be effective, efficient and successful in their fields of interest.

In the Faculty of Science you will have access to:

  • Small laboratory sections that are available to all science students.
  • Lab training that provides the necessary steps for effective experimentation, specialized lab techniques and the ability to operate and understand complex apparatus.


  • Hands on learning experiences like the Earth Science field classes
  • Access to engaged Professors,instructors, Teaching Assistants and Lab Coordinators.
  • Unique learning sites and specialized labs like the Geoscience Rock Garden, Physics Observatory and Biology Greenhouses.

Teaching facilities, labs and centres in the Science Departments

Biological Science Collections and Museums
Wetlands Field trip

Wetlands field trip at Big Lake, near St. Albert

Chemistry Facilities & Resources

1st year Chemistry Lab

Computing Science Research labs

Computing Science robotics lab

Earth & Atmospheric Science Facilities

Paleontology Museum

Psychology Research labs and Centres

Psychology's Attention Action Lab

Math & Stats Centres and Institutes

Decima Robinson Support Centre for Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences

Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Sciences

Physics Undergraduate labs

Physics Machine Shop