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“The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” - Albert Einstein

Critical analysis and reasoning…





These are the translational skills that students need to be prepared for the increasingly complex life and work environments in today’s world. The Interdisciplinary Science Threshold Experience (InSciTE) aims to provide students with a learning environment that encourages the development of these skills. InSciTE allows first year science students to take courses toward their chosen program while engaging in interdisciplinary science projects rooted in scientific inquiry and data analysis. Students explore the science behind local and global issues, such as the oil sands, vaccinations and sustainability, in student- and instructor-directed initiatives. They work independently and in cooperative groups, learning what drives them as science students and the conditions that promote effective team work.

Our Philosophy for InSciTE

The Faculty of Science is dedicated to the development of active and discovery-based learning experiences. InSciTE courses use both lecture and lab time to explore interdisciplinary themes and engage in authentic problems that both the scientific and global communities have vested interests in. Class activities include group discussions, experimentation, field excursions, data collection and analysis, peer evaluation, and presentations. Discovery-based learning aims to move away from structured assignments and labs where students are provided with all the information they need plus the steps needed to complete the task. Instead, information disseminated by an instructor is kept to a minimum, and students are empowered to find the information that they need on their own. Under the appropriate supervision and mentorship, students take charge of their own learning and eventually develop the ability to ask questions and design procedures to collect the information they need in an attempt to answer those questions. Click here to learn more about what makes InSciTE different from the classic first year experience.

How is InSciTE structured?

InSciTE is a complete first year experience that provides students with up to 30 credits toward a science program of their choosing. Specified course work in Statistics (as part of SCI 151), Calculus (MATH 134 or 144) and either Biology (BIOL 107 or BIOL 108) or Physics (PHYS 144) help fortify fundamental science concepts. A special InSciTE section of CHEM 101 allows students to explore the general principles of Chemistry as they relate to scientific inquiry and their everyday lives. This is accomplished through discovery or inquiry-based labs. The keystone experience of InSciTE is SCI 151. In this course students participate in experiential, interdisciplinary science projects in which they ask scientific questions, collaborate on a wide variety of interdisciplinary investigations, analyse authentic scientific data, propose evidence-based conclusions, and communicate their final results. To round out the InSciTE experience, students are able to take up to five electives, which allow them to either explore certain scientific disciplines further or take other courses required for their program. Click here to learn more about how InSciTE works.

Course Description FALL WINTER
Science Projects
(full year course)
SCI 151 (*3) SCI 151 cont’d (*3)
CHEM 101 (*3)
Life Science
Physical Science
BIOL 107 (*3) + MATH 134 (*3)
PHYS 144 (*3) + MATH 144 (*3)
Electives *3 in Science, Arts or other options *12 in Science, Arts or other options
Total Credits: *15 *15 *30

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