Faculty of Science Service Awards

Field: Given to recognize outstanding contributions by two individual staff members, one in the faculty category and one in the non-faculty category, for service to the department, faculty, university and/or community.

Value: A plaque and $2000, which will be a one-time addition to the winner(s) salary. If more than one award is given, then each winner will receive an individual plaque and the $2000 prize. If the award is given to a team, each member of the team will receive an individual plaque and an equal portion of the $2000 prize. 

Eligibility: Nominees for the Faculty of Science Service Award must be full time employees of the Faculty of Science. Previous nominations can be resubmitted, but previous winners of the award are excluded from further competition.  

Criteria: Each of the departments and the Faculty of Science administration can make one nomination per year.

There are no fixed criteria for this award, since the types of service that may be recognized are so diverse. Generally the nomination needs to be strongly supported by the Chair or Dean of the unit making the nomination, there needs to be a clear description of the service rendered, evidence that this service is effective and innovative, and letters of support from students, colleagues or the community, as appropriate. There is no fixed style for the format of the nomination, but it must not be greater than 20 pages in length (8 copies are required for review).  

Deadline: Second Friday in February (February 9, 2018) 

Submit Nominations to:
Terri Constantinescu
Executive Assistant to Associate Dean of Learning and Innovation
Faculty of Science
6-189 CCIS or via email to tconstan@ualberta.ca