SIP Excellence Award 2019 

This award will recognize outstanding achievement during the internship combined with excellence in the internship capstone course, INTD400.  A maximum of three awards will be awarded in May/June of 2018. The awards are valued at $500 each. Eligible students are those that complete INTD400 in either the Fall 2018 term or the Winter 2019 term. 

Nominations can be made by the employer, a SIP representative, or by self-nomination.

The nomination package must include:

  • A complete SIP Internship Award form (Please click on the hyperlink award title above to access the application).
  • A letter from the employer explaining the nature of the position and your contributions. The letter should also specify and explain the reasons for considering your performance to be outstanding.
  • Students who are applying for this award by self-nomination, must request this letter from their employer and fill out the form above. If an employer is nominating a student please email Nadine Buchanan at before May 1st.

Deadline for application: May 1st.


  • If an internship is held outside Alberta, and funding for travel to the employer's location is not provided by the employer, students can apply for a SIP Travel Award.
  • The amount of funding available is limited and will be awarded on a first come first served basis
  • The level of funding awarded will be related to the distance traveled outside of Alberta and will not necessarily cover 100% of travel costs
  • Receipts will be required
  • Application form available by clicking the hyperlink award title above


Please note you must be signed in with your UAlberta account to fill out the forms.