SIP Requirements

Students eligible to participate in the Science Internship Program are required to:

  • Be enrolled in a general, specialization or honors degree program as a full-time undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science.
  • Have completed a minimum of *24 to enter SciWorks and *48 to go on a placement. No more than *105 credits by the time you are to start your placement. This means having at least 3 courses left to complete in a degree. 
  • After completing an internship students have to return to University to a full course load (at least 3 courses) to finish their degree.
  • Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.3 or higher in the previous fall/ winter terms. Admission average will be used for transfer students with no prior fall/ winter in the Faculty of Science.
  • International students who are accepted into SIP must obtain a coop/intern work permit prior to apply for positions.

Please note that participating in the internship program is an investment that might add a year to a 4-year science degree. Students, who successfully complete an internship of 8 months or longer are awarded a "with internship" designation on their parchment.


When can you apply?

Applications open          Applications closed         
 Beginning September  Mid October 
 Beginning January  End January
 End May  End June 


How can you apply? 

You have to sign up with SciWorks the job portal to get access to all the internship postings. After signing in with your CCID and password you will have to select ONE program you want to apply through (click on internship in the box on the left side; ONLY apply once to the program), upload your most recent transcript and wait for the SIP team to assess your profile. Once you have received access to SciWorks and a confirmation email from the SIP team you can see all the job postings in the portal and can apply to the ones you are interested in. 


International students are eligible to participate in the Science Internship Program; however, it is possible that some internship positions may require students to be Canadian Citizens.

International Students are required to obtain a coop/intern work permit in order to be able to work in Canada as an internship student.

Coop/Intern Work Permit Information:

  • International students who are accepted into SIP will receive a letter of support to include with their work permit application. This letter will be sent via email within two weeks of receiving notice of your acceptance to the program.
  • It is strongly suggested that you allow a minimum of 4 months of processing time to obtain your work permit.
  • Note that coop/intern work permit is the ONLY type of permit that can be used for a coop/intern placement.
  • If your internship placement is physically located on a UAlberta campus, you do not need to apply for a coop/intern work permit.
  • International students seeking clarification about their specific situations can contact International Student Services for all coop/intern work permit information and advising. Email to ask a question or make an appointment.


Coop / Internship Tip sheet