Tuition - Fees and Courses


Tuition and Fees

Participating in the Science Internship Program has associated costs. When going out on an internship, students will be enrolled in the Work Experience Course (WKEXP). There is one WKEXP course for each four month term (WKEXP 955, 956, 957 & 958) with a fee index of 9.

In addition, mandatory Non-instructional fees for each 4-month term apply.

Please refer to the Registrar's office for more details on the fees.

Note: it is possible to opt-in to the Athletics and Recreation fee.



Once you have secured an internship placement, the SIP team will register you in the following work experience courses (WKEXP) depending on the duration of your placement:

4 months: 955

8 months: 955, 956

12 moths: 955, 956, 957

16 months: 955, 956, 957, 958

Once you have completed at least an eight months internship experience you will enroll yourself in INTD400.

Things to keep in mind:

  • 16 months is the maximum duration you can go out on internship.
  • You are only allowed to go out twice on an internship when your first internship is no longer than 4 months.
  • After taking the INTD400 course you cannot go out on an internship again.


UPass Exemption

All students are automatically assessed the UPass fee when registered in a WKEXP course. Students working outside of the serviceable transit area for Edmonton, Strathcona or St Albert Transit may request a UPass fee waiver.

This form will be available approximately 2 weeks before the start of the work term. Qualifying students will have their name forwarded to the Registrar’s Office and, if approved, the fee will be removed from the student’s fee assessment at the add/drop deadline for the term.

Students also registered in an on campus academic credit course may not have their UPass fee waived, regardless of work location.

The deadline to apply for an exemption is the end of the term; December 31 for the Fall term, April 30 for the Winter term and August 31 for the Spring/Summer term.

See more on UPass Exemptions.