Science Study Abroad Opportunities

The University of Alberta International, Education Abroad Program offers information sessions and assistance on studying, working and volunteering abroad. Invest in your future, and have the learning adventure of a lifetime. The vast majority of applicants meet admission requirements, and with the generous funding options available it's more affordable than ever. It's easier than you think - explore their website to learn more about your global options.

  • Science transfer credit may be evaluated prior to your departure.
  • Submit your "Transfer credit assessment" form to the Faculty of Science including:
    • A list of up to 10 courses from your destination. Check out our External Transfer Credit Guide to see what courses we have already evaluated.
    • All relevant course materials (Syllabi, course descriptions, lecture hours, etc.)
  • We will send an email to your account with a breakdown of the transfer credit based on the applicability to your current program.
  • Upon your arrival to your destination, if you find your pre-approved courses unavailable, email and we will evaluate further courses.
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