Congratulations to Drs. Sulz, van Kessel, Donald, and Chorney

The Department of Secondary Education is excited to congratulate four of our colleagues on their promotions and tenure.

Kateryna Barnes - 13 May 2021

The Department of Secondary Education is excited to congratulate four of our colleagues on their promotions and tenure. Drs. Lauren Sulz and Cathryn van Kessel were awarded tenure and Drs. Dwayne Donald and David Chorney were promoted to full Professor.

“I am both honoured and humbled to work alongside these outstanding colleagues,” says Tom Dust, Interim Chair of Secondary Education.

“Individually and collectively, the scholarship of Drs. Sulz, van Kessel, Donald, and Chorney coupled with their passion and dedication to teacher education ensures that our Department and Faculty programs are relevant and inspiring for our undergraduate and graduate students, and in turn, the secondary school students of Alberta.”

Lauren Sulz

Lauren Sulz's primary research commitments focus on school-based strategies to promote active healthy lifestyles among children and youth. She works collaboratively with teachers, researchers and community stakeholders to enhance students’ physical activity and health behaviours through changes to school curricula, school policy and school environments. Through this research, Dr. Sulz aims to create a whole-school environment where student health is an essential foundation to schools’ core mission of learning. A second and complementary area of study is centered around school-based sport and coaching. Dr. Sulz is currently exploring strategies to enhance interschool sport and extra-curricular physical activity opportunities for students and support teacher-coaches in offering these programs. She is also a recent recipient of the Provost's Award for Early Achievement of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

Cathryn van Kessel’s research includes in-depth explorations and applications of particular definitions of and questions about evil. She is currently in the final stages of a SSHRC Insight Development Grant project that focuses on applying research from social psychology regarding unconscious defensive processes that prevent humans from tolerating opposing worldviews. This qualitative research project involved pre­service social studies teachers learning and implementing terror management theory (TMT). Through focus groups before and after their practicum placements, as well as reflective journals during their classroom experience and individual interviews in a subsequent year, she is exploring how TMT can be a theoretical basis to foster respectful engagements with opposing worldviews.

Cathryn van Kessel
Dwayne Donald

Dwayne Donald’s primary research commitments focus on the particular problem presented to Canadian educators and curricularists by the recent decision of provincial policy makers to introduce curriculum initiatives that require teacher and student engagement with Aboriginal concerns and priorities. These research commitments are shaped by emerging understandings of Plains Cree and Blackfoot philosophies that provide insight into Aboriginal-Canadian relations and the tensions often at play when Aboriginal peoples and their concerns are discussed in classroom contexts. Dwayne attends to the colonial character of these relations and believes that engaging educators in a critical genealogical excavation of this colonial terrain, as a way to help them better understand the deeply influential colonial frontier logics that inform it, will promote more ethical classroom engagements with Aboriginal perspectives.

David Chorney’s active research program focuses on physical education teacher education; curriculum theorizing in physical education as well as technology integration within the teaching of physical and health education. His scholarly work as a researcher and teacher educator of physical education teacher education is nationally and provincially recognized and in 2002 he was recognized by the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (now PHE Canada) as a Canadian Young Professional Award winner. In 2014, Dr. Chorney was the recipient of the Rutherford Award of Excellence, the highest award recognizing excellence in undergraduate teaching at the University of Alberta.

David Chorney

The promotions are effective July 1, 2021. Congratulations to Lauren, Cathryn, Dwayne and David! 

Photos of Drs. Sulz, van Kessel, and Chorney by Laura Sou. Photo of Dr. Donald by Andrea Miller, courtesy of the Sustainability Council.