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This page was last updated May 28, 2018.

Measles Advisory

Please be advised that a case of measles has been identified within the City of Edmonton. According to Alberta Health Services (AHS), measles - an extremely contagious disease, spread easily through the air – cannot be treated, though it can be prevented through immunization. 

Please ensure that your immunizations are up-to-date. Children in Alberta typically receive their first dose of measles vaccine at 12 months of age and their second dose between the ages of four and six years. Individuals born before 1970 are generally considered immune, while those born after 1970 require immunization. 

In Alberta, measles vaccine is offered, free of charge through Alberta’s publicly funded immunization program. All U of A students, faculty, and staff born after 1970 who have not completed their measles immunizations are entitled to receive the vaccine. If you were born outside of Alberta and are unsure of your immunization status, contact your local public health unit. If you were born in Alberta and are uncertain of your immunization history, please call your local public health office or Alberta Health Link (811).  

For more information regarding the current case of measles and recommendations, including the locations where people may have potentially been exposed to measles, visit

Measles Symptoms

If you believe you have been exposed to or are experiencing symptoms of measles (fever, cough, runny nose or red eyes, a red blotchy rash that appears three to seven days after fever starts), you are encouraged to isolate yourself immediately. If you become ill with a fever after potential exposure, stay at home and avoid contact with others. Call Alberta Health Link at 811 to speak with a Health Link nurse before getting medical care at any Edmonton clinic or going to the hospital. 

The U of A is working directly with AHS to ensure accurate and timely information is made available to the UAlberta community regarding updates of measles in Edmonton and area. Learn more about measles, symptoms, and self-care tips at