University Health Centre

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Tankel

Dr. Tankel is an Obstetrician Gynecologist working both at the University Health Centre and HYS Centre. Dr. Tankel provides medical care related to pregnancy and gives treatment to women focusing on issues related to the reproductive system. Unlike most of our services at the Health Centre, Dr. Tankel is available by appointment only.

Who can see Dr. Tankel at the Health Centre? 

Dr. Tankel can see U of A undergraduate & graduate students and Family of students (a spouse or common-law partner, dependent child of a student). Unfortunately, Dr. Tankel cannot see postdoctorate fellows, U of A staff or SU employees.

How long will my appointment take?

Wait times are difficult to predict and are variable. We recommend that you plan to be at the clinic for approximately 3 hours.

Can I call to find out how far behind Dr. Tankel is & come in later than my scheduled appointment? 

In order for Dr. Tankel to see you as quickly as possible, we advise you be at the clinic for your scheduled appointment time. 

Can I book an appointment at the HYS office or a different OBGYN to get in sooner?

Dr. Tankel sees U of A students & family of students exclusively at the Health Centre. Existing U of A patients cannot book appointments at his HYS office. To see a different OBGYN, you will need a referral from either a Health Centre physician or your family doctor. Wait times will depend on your medical issue as well as the specific OBGYN's availability. We cannot provide referrals to multiple OBGYNs.

Can I bring my children with me to the appointment?

We recommend that you come alone as we do not have any childcare available during your appointment. There is often a long wait to see Dr. Tankel.

What do I do if I have a concern about my pregnancy? 

If you are less than 20 weeks (5 months) pregnant call the us at 780-492-2612 and ask to speak to one of Dr Tankel’s nurses. If you are more than 20 weeks (5 months) pregnant, go directly to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Labor & Delivery Unit if you have any of the following: bleeding, unusual or severe abdominal pain or cramping, decreased fetal movement or signs of premature labor (fluid leak, regular tightenings). For all other concerns please call us at 780-492-2612 during regular hours.