University Health Centre

Summer Access for Students

Did you know that you can continue to access University Health Centre services throughout the summer?

As a student registered in a full or part-time program at the University of Alberta, you are entitled to access the University Health Centre (UHC) medical clinic during the spring and summer terms (May – August). To qualify, you need to be registered as a student for the fall term in either an undergraduate or graduate program at the university. To access services, present your student ONEcard and your provincial/international health insurance card. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I access the UHC if I’m not enrolled in spring or summer courses?
A: Yes, students are entitled to access the UHC throughout the spring and summer even if they aren't enrolled in spring or summer courses. You must, however, be enrolled as a student for the fall term.

Q: I am graduating this June. Can I still use the UHC after graduating?
A: Upon graduation, students are typically entitled to one final visit within one month of completing their final exams. Your physician and the UHC team can assist you in transitioning your file to your preferred outside physician upon graduation. Patients with special circumstances may be considered for additional access to services on a case-by-case basis

Q: I am graduating in June but am registered to return as a graduate student this fall. Can I access the UHC?
A: Yes

Q: I am graduating this June and don’t have an off campus family physician. What should I do? 
A: Students who would like to access a family physician and/or medical services in the greater Edmonton community may want to start their search at: Alternatively, you may wish to access the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Physician Search engine at at:

Q: I am not registered for courses this fall but am hoping to return to campus in January — can I access the UHC?
A: Access to the UHC is currently restricted to students registered in programs at the University of Alberta. If you require an outside physician or medical services, you may wish to visit or We would be happy to assist you in transferring your file to an outside clinician.