Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology


We support the following networks for undergraduates, graduates, and early-career professionals in science, engineering, and technology.


University of Alberta - Women in Science and Engineering (UA-WiSE) is an ongoing learning and support group of women and men in science and engineering at the University of Alberta who meet to exchange information and experiences.

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The short term goal of UA-WiSE is to provide a social environment for women to meet and keep in touch with one another and to offer them opportunities for continuing education.

The long term goal is to increase the number of women in all levels of science and engineering to equity or fifty percent.

Membership is open to all with the shared interest of promoting women in science and engineering including undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, academic and technical staff from the university, with women in industry also welcome. All UA-WiSE activities are overseen by the UA-WiSE Executive Committee. Learn more and get involved.


The WISER Network is designed to connect early-career women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with each other and with the information, resources, support, and professional development opportunities they require to advance in their careers.

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To support career advancement and retention of women in STEM through networking, interactions with peers and mentors, information exchange, and professional development activities.

WISER members are from academia, industry, and government roles at any stage of their careers in STEM field. We welcome both mentors at advanced stages of their careers and mentees who are at the early-career stages. We also have “Mentor in Residence” volunteers who are more advanced in their careers and are prepared to offer mentoring. All WISER activities are overseen by the WISER Executive Committee. Find out how you can get involved.