Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology

SET Conference

Unleash your curiosity. Embrace discovery.

The SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) Conference is a chance to learn what an education and career in science, engineering and technology (SET) is all about. This fun and interactive day shows young women and non-binary students in grades 10-12 that there is more to science than medicine and more to engineering than building bridges, and more to technology than sitting behind a computer screen. SET jobs are interesting, collaborative, diverse and support every aspect of our lives. Want to make an impact in the world and have a meaningful career? Consider SET.

The SET Conference will give you an opportunity to find out answers to some of your questions by:

  • Talking with women who are studying science, engineering and technology
  • Participating in some hands-on laboratory experiments
  • Having the chance to spend a day on the University of Alberta campus and learn about being a student here

This full-day conference gives you the opportunity to:

  • Explore diverse careers in science, engineering and technology
  • Learn about work-life balance in SET careers
  • Discover how SET careers make the world a better place
  • Experience hands-on lab activities
  • Meet university students and learn what it is like to be a student in a SET department
  • Talk with women in SET based careers about their experiences
  • Gain insight into different career paths in SET and the U of A programs that you can use to broaden your career options

Event Details

Saturday, November 30, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
North Campus, University of Alberta

Online registration opens: October 1st

What to Expect

  • Hands-on Lab Activities
    You will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities during the SET Conference. We want our participants to experience what University students and researchers are involved in on campus and to be exposed to new streams in science, engineering and technology that they may not have previously been aware of. Students are encouraged to be open-minded, inquisitive and they are expected to adhere to all safety requirements at all times.
  • Lunch

    Lunch is not be provided. We would like all participants to bring a packed lunch for the day. A designated lunch room will be open for students to hang out and eat together during the lunch break.

  • Role Model and Mentoring Opportunities
    We try to give students the chance to meet with as many role models as possible during the SET Conference. You may talk with women who are currently studying or professionals working in a science, engineering and technology field. You will have the chance to ask questions and to learn first-hand what studying for or working in a SET career is really like. All student participants will take part in a networking session and we strongly encourage each of you to prepare at least two questions in advance! Please write them down and bring them to the Conference. Read these Delegate Questions for inspiration on topics you can focus on.
  • Safety
    WISEST takes the safety of our Conference participants and volunteers very seriously. Each student must read the Safety Information.
  • Wrap Up

    We will wrap up the Conference by bringing all the students back together at the CCIS building in one of the large lecture theatres, where parents can arrange for pick-up at 4:30 p.m.


We are limiting the conference to 225 student participants. We offer you the ability to choose which sessions you would like to attend, so avoid disappointment and register early! All sessions are available on a first come first served basis and are subject to change. In the event that your session changes, you will be placed in the next available one. Participants will receive their activity schedule on the day of the Conference.
  • 1. Complete the Online Registration Form

    The registration form will be made available when registration opens on Monday, October 1, 2018. Once we receive your online application, you will get an email acknowledging your submission with an online payment link. 

  • 2. Pay the Registration Fee
    Pay your $50 registration fee. Our preference is for each student to pay for their spot using the Online OpenCart Payment System (credit card required). You will receive the OpenCart link once you have completed Step One. If your school is collecting your payment for a group submission, please ask your teacher to contact the WISEST Team Lead, Fervone Goings (fervone.goings@ualberta.ca), with the name of your school and the list of students in the group. While OpenCart is our preferred method for payment, cheques will also be accepted.
  • 3. Complete the Informed Consent Information Form and the Permission to Reproduce Likeness Form

    Fill out the Informed Consent Information Form and the Permission to Reproduce Likeness Form that are part of the Student Application Package. Mail these original filled forms to the WISEST Office. WISEST must receive these forms by Thursday, November 1, 2018 for your registration to be finalized. If we do not receive your payment and completed forms by November 1, 2018, you forfeit your reserved spot to another candidate on our waiting list.  No faxed or emailed forms will be accepted.

    Send original forms to:

    WISEST/SET Conference,
    295 CAB,
    University of Alberta,
    Edmonton, Alberta,
    T6G 2G1

    Please make sure to write your first and last name on the outside of the envelope. 

  • 4. Confirmation
    You will be emailed a Delegate Information Package to confirm your registration once we have received all of your information and your payment. If for any reasons you have to cancel your participation in the Conference, please contact the WISEST office immediately at wisest@ualberta.ca so that we can offer the opportunity to another student. 
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