Activities and Workshops

Activity/Workshop Discipline/Unit Event Description
Fossil Bones & Mapping Zones Earth Sciences Have you ever wondered where certain prehistoric animals come from? Become a true paleontologist and identify a fossil using different rock types to find out the geographical location of the fossil!
Breaking Balm Pharmacy Pharmacists do a lot for our health, including prescribing medications, ordering lab tests, and giving injections. Learn more about pharmacy and what compounding-a practice in which a pharmacist combines, mixes, or alters two or more ingredients to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient-by making your own lip balm!
Smelly Stuff Chemistry Test your nose and your lab skills by creating and identifying a variety of smelly chemicals.
Polymers in Your World Chemistry We use polymers every day, including the plastics we use, the paint on the walls, and the oil in our cars. But, what makes these polymers work and what exactly is a polymer? Explore properties of polymers and discover how they are apart of your everyday life.
Engineering Design Challenge Engineering Learn about and solve real-world engineering problems.
Let Little Bits Protect You Physics Use Little Bits coding to help prevent Porch Pirates from stealing your deliveries.
Ozo-biotics Computing Science Create and code using robotic ozobots!
Communicating in STEM Digital Science Communication Use your digital media skills to become a STEM communicator and learn how to create engaging online STEM content!
Drone Moon Mission Computing Science Interested in space exploration? Learn to program a drone on the Moon's surface, fly to various points, and execute cool tricks using Python.
How Careers Happen Career Centre Learn how your actions and reactions to planned or unplanned events could influence your career path.
Oops: Everything I Needed to Know About Research I Learned From Failure Failure can be scary, but without it many of the products we take for granted today wouldn't exist. Learn about the importance of failure in research, and how you can learn to embrace the discomfort of not knowing.
What is Mindfulness Meditation Does exploring different education and career options leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Learn how practicing mindfulness can help you navigate decisions with ease and confidence.
Mentorship Gain insights into how mentors can help you identify and achieve your goals.
Building a Fulfilling Career: Three Things to Consider When Designing Your Future Do you experience challenges when faced with thoughts of who you want to be in the future when you're still figuring out who you are today? Whether you are a young adult starting out or a seasoned professional with twenty years of experience, this 3-step process will help to simplify and guide you to building a fulfilling career.
Cats, Dogs, and Kidneys SN Biomedical

Did you know that one of the highest causes of mortality in cats and dogs is kidney disease? Learn more about a screening tool designed to assess kidney function in cats and dogs-from the initial idea stage to the design and manufacturing processes.

Seeing Past the Visible Physics Recreate the famous Herschel experiment, the first concrete proof for infrared radiation, and the Johannes Ritter experiment which allowed for the discovery of UV radiation. Please note that part of this experiment will take place outside.